Thursday, September 10, 2009

doodle chill some kind of view..

recently, i'm with somebody that totally bond in relationship
i dunno laa what happen to us
he need me but at the same time he bond to the other commitment(women of course).
well, i'm in between
i'm being his friend and partner
he totally told me everything..
aku kah yang gila di sini?
aku kah yang bengong?
hahahaha... aku pn x tau..
ape yang penting, aku betul2 akan teman die
as a partner & friend
either worst@happy moment..
then..what with the word flirting?
flirt maksudnye you playing around
with others,a bit seducing,not that serious intention..
dun tell me that you guys never ever trying in flirting,hehe..
its totally normal thing even when you stared at someone,it still considered as
flirting though..
sexy words with sexy action..
women so good in this..
this is their expertise..
take a look from the world situation
office for instance,
once she got a sexy goddess look and appearances
and plus with the seducing skill, there you are, she gonna swept all the opportunity..
this is reality
men are so weak with women
from the history also proved it
alexander the great for example..
he is the great warrior, great leader, he conquered the land
but with the power of the women, he fall to the ground.
sigh~ da ckup kot aku tulis hari ni..

faten..reen..senol.. =)

faten..reen..senol.. =)
oldies college