Sunday, July 12, 2009

Swine Flu & Unity???

Do you believe that the only thing that can unite people all over the world is pandemic?? From now on you have to start to believe. Currently, the most talked issue is the swine flu. The virus is an influenza A virus, H1N1 that first detected in the Mexico and now spread to the other countries such as US, Canada,Japan ,Hong Kong and of course our own country, Malaysia.

The governments around the world now seems busy in disseminate the information about the virus and take an appropriate action as the precaution. The World Health Organization (WHO) had declared the flu as a public health emergency of international concern”. That could cost trillions of dollars to a world economy that already in worst. Previously, the two global major health scares are; SARS and bird flu that cause so many people died and at the same time harm the economic sectors since the investors are worried with the pandemic.

Apparently, the bright side of the pandemic is, it certainly aware the rest of the people in the world to unite and work together in order to fight this “plague of death”. Every single day, the media whether the electronic or printed, expose the news of this epidemic. There is no time to argue about any other thing because the value of life is much more important.

I do realize that this virus can straight away can harm the people but on the other hand it keeps people together. But still we need to see it as a harmful plague that can destroyed the human nation. Just take it as a good side for a minute, even a bit..think..


H.A~ (est. 24.01. o9)
I don’t know why I writing this..
I just let my little finger doing their job..
Frankly to say I never had such feeling like this.
It kind of exciting but at the end I lose it
But do I lose it?..
He asked me to wait
He need time
Someday he’ll come back..
So , I’ll wait..
Wait and keep waiting..
We can trust true love
but to devote yourself towards it
the answer is NO..
but I already devote to it..
I’m playing with faith..
I prepared for it.
One thing to remember,
Family and friends is strong wall for you to lean on
Not to someone who we barely know
We thought we knew them
But is strongly wrong..
Appreciate what we have
Sometimes it is just in front of your eyes
But for me,
I still rely on the “lifetime” that I keep on believe.

faten..reen..senol.. =)

faten..reen..senol.. =)
oldies college