Sunday, July 12, 2009


H.A~ (est. 24.01. o9)
I don’t know why I writing this..
I just let my little finger doing their job..
Frankly to say I never had such feeling like this.
It kind of exciting but at the end I lose it
But do I lose it?..
He asked me to wait
He need time
Someday he’ll come back..
So , I’ll wait..
Wait and keep waiting..
We can trust true love
but to devote yourself towards it
the answer is NO..
but I already devote to it..
I’m playing with faith..
I prepared for it.
One thing to remember,
Family and friends is strong wall for you to lean on
Not to someone who we barely know
We thought we knew them
But is strongly wrong..
Appreciate what we have
Sometimes it is just in front of your eyes
But for me,
I still rely on the “lifetime” that I keep on believe.

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faten..reen..senol.. =)

faten..reen..senol.. =)
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