Monday, April 13, 2009

act 174..

Basically “akta 174″ is just the same with AUKU (Akta Universiti Kolej Universiti), but it applies only in Uitm.
i'm the one who have an issues with the act 174..
for me this kind of act make the students more weaker as they can't express their
own right..
they have to follow and if they want to fight or object, basically all i can say that
its all totally absurd..
there is no use for you to opposed agains them because at the end of the day, its become nothing..
this act have been amended during Tun Mahathis era, but according to them it already have been change to make it compatible with the recent time but many of us think that the act is not change at all!!!
please.. open your eyes and listen..
we as a students have our own point..
it doesn't mean that all our point is some kind of rubbish..
every thing that happened had it own explanation behind it..
Personally, i think that the act 174 is destroyed the right of the students,
it's not because i'm the one who have busted with this act so i being some kind of bias..
but,, after i make some research towards this and googled up, all i can say is ENOUGH!!!!
u can give the punishment but please be consider and think logically...

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faten..reen..senol.. =)
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