Sunday, April 12, 2009

i wonder if..

i wonder if that 'day' will never happened..
my life before the accident is totallly complete..
i wonder if i think about the consequences before i stupidly
let it happened..
i wonder if i didn't know that person,then i can avoid this crap thing to happen..
i wonder if i didn't go back at that point of time..
Its to late to wondering anymore, crap happened and
i'm the one who responsible for all this thing..
To the person that i mention above, i honeslty don't feel any regret in knowing you..
its all about fate..
Day by day, my life seems so far away from the track that i build..
i don't know how to adapt with this kind of situation..
i don't how to face the people that i love, the people that expect high on me, the people surrounding me...
its like that i have to start from the begining again.
seriously, i don't have the strenght to fight anymore...
its not easy to be strong, believe me..
all i need now is the faith towards the Mighthy One..
i wonder if i can turning back the time...

1 comment:

  1. Allah know everything..........

    Pray to Allah....

    Allah is the only one...


faten..reen..senol.. =)

faten..reen..senol.. =)
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